Why are My Apples Pink Inside? 3 Reasons For Pink or Red Fleshed Apples

by Simon
Apples pink inside

Why are my apples pink inside? Here we will reveal the mystery of apples pink inside or red. Have you ever seen pink apple flesh? When we slice a fresh and crisp apple, then we are presented with a scary or beautiful view, the apple is pink inside.

The color in red or pink apples is something unique and full of mystery. For some of us, we will be amazed and feel amazed by the view that is given or even terrifying. The pink color in an apple is something unique and unusual. Those of you who discover this phenomenon will wonder, why does this happen and why is the inside of the apple pink?

Apple fans will be amazed and feel strange about this, they will wonder why the inside of the apple is pink or red? Is this a confusing phenomenon? Don’t be afraid, we will explain the cause and later you will know why the inside of the apple is pink.

Discover The Reasons for Apples Pink Inside

Apples are a very interesting fruit and are loved all over the world because of their sweet, crunchy taste and extraordinary health benefits. In fact, doctors say that “an apple a day can keep the doctor away.”

So, decorating the house, dining table, garden with apples is an inspiration and a source of pride for us. But we feel amazed or confused when we find our unique apple. When we cut open an apple or bite into it, we find the inside of the apple pink or bright red, how is that possible? There are many question marks that arise when we talk about this pink part of the apple.

Sometimes we think about whether apples like that are safe to eat, or vice versa, or what the quality is.

In answering this phenomenon, revealing the mystery of apples pink inside, we will reveal the causes, the factors that play a role in this, as well as provide tips to prevent pink color on your apples.

Why Are My Apples Pink Inside?

Why Are My Apples Pink Inside

Let’s look at the 3 main causes of the pink inside of apples, hopefully we can uncover the mystery that has been unanswered.

1. Influenced by variety characteristics

One factor that plays a big role in this is the apple variety. The various varieties determine the various tastes of apples, as well as their external appearance, texture and even the pink color on the inside.

Let’s look at the apple varieties that play a role in this.

– Variety Matters:

Apple orchards are home to a variety of apple cultivars, they have unique characteristics. Among the apple varieties are pink pearl and hidden rose apples. This apple is known for its pink to dark red interior.

So, there is a possibility that when you find an apple with pink flesh, this is influenced by the variety. These apples are called “pink-fleshed” or “red-fleshed” varieties, so there is a specific pigment in the flesh.

The cause of the red color on the inside of apples is a substance called antonianin. Anthocyanin is a natural plant pigment found in fruit and vegetables, this pigment gives it a red, purple or blue color.

The pink flesh of the apple forms over a certain period of time. During its formation, anthocyanin accumulates in the apple flesh, which then gives it a reddish color.

– Anthocyanin Concentration:

The degree of red or pink color in apples varies depending on how strong the anthocyanin content is. Some apple varieties with dark red flesh contain stronger anthocyanins and some have a dull red color which indicates low anthocyanin levels.

Then, the anthocyanin content is determined by the genetic structure of the cultivar, and this in turn has an impact on the pinkness or color of the apple.

– Harvest Time and Ripeness:

The red color of the inside of an apple is also influenced by the time of harvest and level of ripeness. Apples that are harvested quickly may have a faded red color and apples that take longer to harvest will experience a higher accumulation of anthocyanins so that the red color becomes brighter or becomes dark red.

So, the main reason behind the red color in apples is the influence of the variety and its genetic characteristics. So, some apples have pink flesh because they contain anthocyanins (pigments that affect the color of fruit or vegetables). Furthermore, the anthocyanin concentration and harvest time determine how bright the red color of the apples will be.

2. Environmental factors

Another thing that makes the inside of an apple red is environmental factors. Indeed, the main factor that influences this is the characteristics of the apple variety, but the environment also has an influence on the inside of the pink apple.

Apples are plants that are sensitive to growth, the slightest change during their growth period can affect their internal color. Ok, now let’s look at the second reason “why are my apples pink inside” by considering the following environmental factors.

– Sunlight Exposure:

Exposure to sunlight that is too intense on apples can cause the inside of the apple to turn pink. This is the same as human skin that is continuously exposed to the sun, it will definitely feel darker.

When apples are exposed to sunlight continuously for a long time, this will stimulate the production of anthocyanins in the inside of the apple.

– Temperature Fluctuations:

If temperature fluctuations occur during the apple development period, this can also affect the pink inside of apples. Cold temperatures at night, for example, can also stimulate the production of anthocyanins which then make the inside of the apple change color to red or pink.

– Soil Composition:

Indirectly, it turns out that the composition or condition of the soil where the apple tree grows also influences the red color of the inside of the apple.

So, the conclusion is that the red color of the inside of an apple can be caused by environmental factors such as exposure to sunlight, the environment and soil composition factors.

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3. How to store and handle it

Then, another reason behind the question “why are my apples pink inside” has to do with handling and storage.

Apples must be stored properly, if you don’t handle them properly, the inside of the apple could turn red. Several things that occur during handling that can cause changes in the color of the inside of the apple include:

– Bruising and Mechanical Damage:

Bruising and damage to apples can also sometimes cause a pink discoloration. This damage usually occurs during the harvest process, the fruit falls and hits a hard object which then causes bruising. If this bruising occurs for a long time, it will affect the color of the apple flesh.

– Chilling Injury:

Occurs if apples are stored at very extreme temperatures or below the apple’s capacity, this will damage the fruit cells and cause discoloration.

– Ripening Gases:

Apple ripening can also cause damage, especially if you ripen them for a longer time than the standard time.

Preventing Pink Apples Inside

We have explored the three main reasons for the red color in apples. Now we have to know how to prevent that from happening, so here we will provide tips and ways to prevent apples turning pink inside. Hope it is useful!

  1. Choose the appropriate apple variety: If you want the color of the apple to be a certain color, then choose the apple seed that suits you.
  2. Optimize sunlight: The position of your apple tree should be exposed to sufficient sunlight, and this can increase the color development of the fruit.
  3. Monitor the temperature: Pay attention to the temperature especially when you store apples. This is important so that the apples are not exposed to extreme cold temperatures which can impact the internal color.
  4. Handle with care: When you harvest apples, pay close attention and do it slowly and considerately to avoid bruising the apples.
  5. Separate from fruit that produces ethylene: So when you store apples, stay away from fruit that can emit ethylene gas, this is important to prevent changes in color and texture.
  6. Consider Early Harvest: Harvest early to avoid red color on the inside of the apple.

What kind of Apples is Pink inside?

Is there a variant of apple that has a pink inside? Yes, apple plants have many varieties and one of them is pink pearl or pink sparkle apple. This variety is famous for its pink flesh, this can be a distinctive sign to distinguish it from other varieties.

Some characteristics about Pink Pearl apples that you should know:

1. Appearance: The appearance of Pink Pearl apples is a sign that the apple has pink flesh color. The appearance of the skin is green or yellowish green. When you open this apple or slice it, you will see pink flesh with dark red lines. The flesh of Pink Pearl apples is very striking and different, with a light pink to reddish color with clear lines.

2. Flavor: The taste of Pink Pearl apples is slightly sour and sweet. The taste is refreshing and makes this apple different. The taste depends on the level of ripeness, when it is ripe it will taste more dominantly sweet than sour.

3. Season: Usually, the harvest period for Pink Pearl apples is at the end of summer and early autumn, this is one type of apple that is much sought after by those who like the color pink in their salads.

4. Culinary Uses: Pink Pearl apples are often used in culinary delights because of their bright and colorful color. This pink color makes this apple widely used in salads or delicious eaten fresh. You can also add Pink Pearl apples in baking such as making pies or making tarts.

5. Origin: Pink Pearl apples are a type of apple that originated in California around the beginning of the 20th century. Pink Pearl apples are thought to be the result of a cross between transparent white apples and pink pearls.

6. Availability: Pink Pearl apples are not a type of apple that is widely available, their limited harvest means this apple is not very well known and is not found in many or even non-existent on the market. These pink apples are usually only found in farmers’ gardens or in specialty grocery stores.

Pink Pearl apples are highly prized, not just because of their pink color, but because of their extraordinary taste. The pink juice appeals to the taste buds and its culinary versatility. If you find Pink Pearl apples on the market, don’t hesitate to buy them, feel how fresh they are.


Why are my apples pink or red inside?” The cause of the pink color on the inside of the apple is caused by many factors. This can be related to the environment, post-harvest practices, and the apple variety itself. It’s important to understand why apples are the way they are, to make it easier to control and better appreciate the apple’s color. This also ensures attractive, and visually pleasing, fruit color.

You need to know that there are many factors that cause Pink Pearl apples and one of them is the variety which is the result of crossing transparent white apples with Pink Pearl.

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