The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

by Simon
The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo. Aragawa

For those of you who are looking for a romantic restaurant to have dinner with your partner, we would recommend Tokyo City, Japan. A busiest city in the world as the capital of a metropolitan country. Tokyo not only provides a modern feel, but there are displays of history, cultural attractions, culinary delights and what is most sought after are luxurious and romantic restaurants with expensive culinary delights. We will share with you the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo, starting from the price, location and the experience of eating there.

For this list of The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo, of course we will give them starting from the cheapest restaurant to the most expensive.

These romantic restaurants certainly carry a variety of themes but are not without a strong sense of romance. By visiting this romantic restaurant, you will have an extraordinary dinner experience with your partner. Ok, let’s just look at the list of The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo starting from the cheapest to the most expensive, hopefully this will be your choice with your partner.

The List of Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo, Japan

6. Kagari

One of the romantic restaurants in Tokyo is Kagari and this restaurant is one that is very popular with those who want to date. Kagari offers a fun concept for eating food with your partner.

While eating ramen in this comfortable and safe restaurant room, it feels very suitable to bring your partner here. Kagari is one of the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo.


Kagari Restaurant is located on the streets of Ginza, Tokyo. specifically at 4-4-1 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan. The lunch menu usually starts at 11:30 A.M. If you are looking for a delicious lunch in a romantic place, then Kagari is the choice.


This restaurant offers mouth-watering bowls of chicken-based ramen which is quite popular, this food is also called “Tori Paitan” ramen. There is a thick broth made from chicken bones and tender meat that has been boiled for quite a long time. The result is a delicious soup with a bursting aroma.

"Tori Paitan" ramen

“Tori Paitan” ramen

This Tori Paitan dish features chewy noodles in a thick chicken broth topped with tender chicken slices, green onions, and sometimes topped with seasonal vegetables. There are also dumplings for those of you who like to enjoy them.


The food at the romantic restaurant kagari is very affordable, and according to many people, it is a very reasonable and moderate price. Kagari offers a wonderful dinner date around ¥2,400 to ¥6,100 or around $16 to 41 dollars.

5. Cedros: One Of The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo

For those of you who are newly married, it seems like Cedros is the best restaurant to spend your romantic evening. Not providing an unforgettable romantic place, but Cedros also offers lots of fantastic food, naggur and quite satisfying service. Everything served by Cedros makes it one of the romantic restaurants in Tokyo.


Cedros restaurant is located in the center of Shibuya, Tokyo. 1-32-3 Ebisunishi D Tradgard Daikanyama, Shibuya 150-0021 Tokyo. For couples who want to spend a beautiful evening, Cedros Restaurant could be an option.


Cedros serves a lot of food such as Mediterranean food mixed with Japanese food. Here you will find polite and polite treatment towards all customers. From the moment you enter, you will find a warm atmosphere from their treatment.


The food offerings are very diverse, ranging from American-Japanese style seafood dishes with the touch of a professional chef’s hand. Cedros also prepares Mediterranean food with the aroma of olive oil, there is bread and various Middle Eastern foods. There is also a typical Cedros restaurant sushi dish. With all this, Cedros is on the list of the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo.

Attentive Cocktails are luxurious drinks that are presented to add to your romantic atmosphere with your partner. There are many cocktails available, from Japanese cocktails to Mediterranean cocktails.


The prices offered depend on the menu, and in general you will have to pay around ¥5,001 to ¥10,000 per person to eat at this restaurant, or around $33 to $66 for an outside visitor. If you have booked food and then cancel it, a cancellation fee will be charged. So, check your schedule carefully before you decide to go to Cedros.

4. Seryna

One of the romantic restaurants included in the list of The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo is Seryna. Seryna restaurant provides a traditional romantic experience featuring teppanyaki style.

They serve premium quality seafood and meat to enjoy your romantic evening.


Seryna is located in the Shibuya district in Tokyo. specifically 3 Chome-12-2 Roppongi, Minato City, Tokyo 106-0032, Japan. This restaurant offers lunch and dinner.


The special thing that you will get when you visit Seryna is the atmosphere which carries teppanyaki style and presents premium quality seafood so that it gives an extraordinary impression on your romantic evening. Made with wooden accents in the style of a Japanese house, with seats on tatami mats.


The menu mainly focuses on premium meats, seafood and seasonal ingredients according to where the restaurant is located. The chefs grill Kobe beef, Matsusaka beef, lobster and other seasonal delicacies such as green vegetables, seafood and other dishes.


Maybe you are wondering how much it costs to eat at Seryna restaurant? The price of course depends on the food menu we order. This is usually referred to as high-end teppanyaki, and the price of the food varies depending on the quality of the meat, vegetables and seafood. The average price per person is around $110.

3. Ryugin

One of the famous restaurants in Tokyo with a romantic theme is Ryugin. This restaurant offers romantic conditions that are suitable for couples who want to enjoy a meal during their honeymoon. There are many delicious and impressive foods that you can get at Ryugin. The availability of diverse and delicious food has included Ryugin as one of the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo.


Ryugin is located at 7F Tokyo Midtown Hibiya, 1-1-2 Yurakucho, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 100-0006. First dinner starts at 6:00 P.M. As a famous restaurant, you can easily find Ryugin because many people know and go there.


Ryugin Restaurant serves traditional Japanese food with a variety of menus known as kaiseki. The skilled chef here is Yamato, he makes traditional dishes in his restaurant as a form of preserving various Japanese foods and he also sometimes adds a modern touch to his recipes.


As one of 6 romantic restaurants in Tokyo, you can choose it as a place for a romantic dinner with your partner. Because seats are limited, you have to order or reserve a place as quickly as possible if you want to eat romantic cuisine there.


What about the price? The menu at the Ryugin restaurant also depends on what type of menu we choose. For a romantic date night in this luxurious restaurant with a kaiseki menu it will cost ¥25,000 to ¥40,000 or around $160 to $270 per person.

2. Sukiyabashi Jiro

Next, in second place as a romantic restaurant in Tokyo is Sukiyabashi Jiro, also called Sushi Jiro, a very famous restaurant and one that is very difficult to make a reservation for. Starting from the quality of the food, the friendliness of the restaurant keepers, and everything makes it a restaurant that is quite popular in Tokyo, Japan.


Sukiyabashi Jiro is so famous that almost everyone knows this place to eat. The location is in the prestigious area of Genza in Tokyo, Japan. The exact address given by Sukiyabashi Jiro is 4-2-15 Ginza, Chou City, Tokyo 104-0061, Tsukamoto Sogyo Building B, only a two-minute walk from the Ginza station, served by the Tokyo Metro Ginza, Marunouchi, and Hibiya Line. Lunch time usually starts at 11:30 a.m


Sukiyabashi Jiro is famous for its delicious sushi, and this romantic restaurant, despite its expensive menu, is listed as one of The 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo. This restaurant has received prestigious recognition and world awards from the documentary film “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” in 2011 directed by David Gelb.

The ingredients used in making sushi are quality and fresh. The sushi is renowned as the best sushi ever. With his art, the restaurant’s founder, Jiro Ono makes every single piece of sushi delicious by relying on his simplicity, dedication, and precision.


Sukiyabashi Jiro is known as the best sushi provider and they only provide 10 seats so reservations are very challenging and difficult to get. The guest seats are in front of the chef and this offers an omakase-style experience in preparing sushi right in front of the customer.

The seat reservation process must be done quite early, many recommend that seat reservations be made beforehand via the website. If you register, then when you go to it you have to re-register to ensure that you will come. If not, a cancellation fee will be charged.


The food served is luxurious food and dining at the Sukiyabashi Jiro restaurant is dining luxurious food. The menu is getting more and more tested, and the prices are getting higher. Usually the price for an omakase menu is around ¥40,000 to ¥55,000 or around $300 per person.

1. Aragawa

Aragawa is famous as one of the restaurants with a romantic theme in Tokyo, Japan. In fact, Aragawa is a restaurant that is on the list of the most expensive restaurants in the world.

Aragawa is famous for its premium meat which comes from Tajima breed cattle. This is a cow that has been raised for more than 28 months, in the Sanda area of Hyogo Prefecture. Sanda beef is a choice meat, where only meat with certain criteria is used. If you eat the best beef in Aragawa, then you should be prepared to pay around ¥50,000.


The most expensive restaurant in Tokyo is located in the dynamic neighborhood of Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo, Japan. specifically 3-23-11 Nishishinbashi 1F Onarimon Odakyu Bldg, Minato 105-0003 Tokyo Prefecture, in the base of an office building. Aragawa is open from 12:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.


What’s the special menu? This restaurant is famous for offering the best meat in the world. The concept is teppanyaki by grilling the best cuts of beef and other ingredients in front of direct visitors.

Not only is the food interesting and charming but also the interior design of the restaurant is also very pleasing. Among the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo, Aragawa is the most perfect and best for you and your family or with your partner. If you have a lot of money, you can book Aragawa to indulge in intimacy and dating with your partner.


As the most expensive restaurant in the world, Aragawa offers several menu models. For the lunch menu, it is estimated that the price is ¥30,000 to ¥40,000 or around 200 to 271 dollars. Meanwhile, the dinner menu ranges from ¥60,000 to ¥80,000 or around 400 to 541 dollars.



Those are the 6 Best Romantic Restaurants in Tokyo that are memorable and you can visit for a date with your partner or just for a romantic dinner. The menu is varied and healthy because it uses premium quality food. From the best sushi in the world, to the best beef dishes with premium quality in the world, you can find them in romantic restaurants in Tokyo. Starting from the menu price of $16 to the price of more than $500. These restaurants not only offer delicious food, but also offer comfort and neatness that appeal to everyone.

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