The BEST Amaro Nonino Substitutes

by Simon
Amaro Nonino Substitutes

Amaro Nonino is an Italian alcoholic drink and is often added to cocktails or as a drink enjoyed on its own. The problem is what will you drink when you lose energy and there is no stock of Amaro Nonino at all, is there any other drink that can replace it or is there Amaro Nonino substitutes that good to replaced.

We will provide information about the best Amaro Nonino Substitutes. We will see first what is Amaro Nonino? What does Amaro Nonino taste like? So from this understanding we can find some of the best substitutes for Amaro Nonino.

What Is Amaro Nonino?

Maybe you’ve seen bottles of Amaro Nonino in the bars you visit or in liquor stores, do you know what this intoxicating drink actually is and what it tastes like.

Amaro Nonino is a bitter liquor made from 30 selected spices, the exact recipe is of course still a secret of the family who owns this drink. The original recipe was passed down from generation to generation in the Nonino family and the recipe is closely guarded to this day.

What the public knows is that the ingredients are neutral grains, distilled, with herbs and spices. When the infusion tastes complete, the drink is sweetened using sugar, and then stored in oak barrels for at least 6 months.

During the storage process, the Amaro Nonino drink has a distinctive dark yellow color, with a distinctive taste profile too. If you smell it there is a slight taste of orange, cinnamon, cloves.

What Does Amaro Nonino Taste Like?

The use of spices makes this Nonino family liquor taste like it has subtle hints of lime, raspberry like cloves, and cinnamon. The combination of spices makes the taste bitter sweet, and the orange aroma is stronger and a touch of various herbs, all of which involve 30 types of spices to produce this type of intoxicating drink.

Amaro Nonino is a versatile liquor because it can be added to many types of drinks such as cocktails, it tastes very delicious whether served with ice or not. For a lighter drink try combining equal parts Amaro Nonino and soda.

Ok, that’s Amaro Nonino liqueur and its taste, we know everything and now it’s time to find the best substitute for Amaro Nonino.

4 Best Amaro Nonino Substitutes

1. Amaro Averna

One liquor that has characteristics similar to Amaro Nonino is Amaro Averna. Amaro averna is an Italian liqueur also with a bitter taste. This drink has been produced in Caltanissetta, Sicily since 1868 by Salvatore Averna.

If you are out of stock of Amaro Nonino, then Amaro Averna is the perfect substitute. This is a drink made from roots, herbs, orange peel, and has a spicy impression, but has a caramel-like taste. Aromas of caramel, orange, anise, and honey all come together in the Amaro Averna flavor.

The sweet taste is probably sweeter than amaro nonino. This is considered a richer tasting Averna Amaro drink. The color is not yellow like Amaro Nonino, the color is dark brown, and the taste is complex, namely sweet and bitter. It is also considered a versatile liqueur like Amaro Nonino.

2. Amaro Tosolini

Then, another best replacement for Amaro Nonino is Amaro Tosolini. This type of liquor is also made from herbs, fruit, roots, and has the taste of cinnamon and cloves. When compared with Amaro Averna, Amaro Tosolini has a lighter sweet taste, but sweeter than Amaro nonino. So, Amaro Tosolini feels like it is somewhere between the two flavors of Amaro Nonion and Amaro Averna.

Amaro tosolini is dark yellow in color, and has a complex flavor profile. It’s a very comforting combination of citrus, stewed fruit, and bitters. Usually served neat or on top of ice cubes. You can also use it in your favorite cocktail.

When you use it in cocktails, it will enhance the taste of the cocktail with a hint of spice. Especially when combined with rum and whiskey.

3. Amaro Montenegro

When you run out of Amaro Nonino, we suggest one substitute is Amaro Montenegro but it is sweeter than Nonino.

Making Montenegrin Amaro involves ingredients such as lime peel, manias root, nutmeg, with a hint of cola, vanilla and orange blossom.

This herbal liqueur is also produced in Italy and has even been around since 1885. It is known that the Amaro Montenegro recipe contains more than 40 herbs and spices. The Montenegrin Amaro drink is widely used as an ingredient in cocktails, or drunk after meals to improve digestion.

The color is orange with a sweeter taste, considering the color is orange, it is suitable to be added to drinks with an orange color. It is made through a process of macerating spices and ingredients in alcohol, then diluting it by adding water and sweetening it by adding as much sugar as possible. Next, this mixture is stored in oak barrels for one year.

Amaro Montenegro to this day remains a recognized herbal drink and is known to have won several awards.

4. Ramazzotti

Another best Amaro Nonino Substitutes is Ramazzotti, it is not too sweet and not too bitter. It is also included in the list of Italian liquors. It has been produced since 1815 by the famous herbalist, Ausano Ramazzotti. He mixed 33 different herbs including cardamom, juniper berries, cinnamon, star anise and orange peel.

Usually, Ramazzotti is served after dinner, but can also be combined in various cocktails. A very popular way to enjoy Ramazzotti is with ginger ale or with cola.


What Amaro is Closest Substitute to Amaro Nonino?

After looking at various sources, we concluded that the Amaro that is most similar to Amaro Nonino and the best substitutes for Nonino is:

  • Ramazzotti: This is an Italian Amaro bottled at Caneli by Pernod Ricard. The taste is smooth and sweet, and there are hints of vanilla and orange.
  • Averna: Amaro averna is the best Amaro to replace Noninos in cocktails. There are aromas of caramel and citrus.
  • Montenegro: Amaro Montenegro is similar to Ramazzotti, this is the best brand of Amaro that works on Paper Planes.

The three of them have similarities to Amaro Nonino, but the taste profiles of each have insignificant differences.

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