Cultured Milk and Dairy, Is It Safe for Pregnant Women?

by Simon
Is Cultured Milk Pasteurized

Pregnant women are advised to drink pasteurized milk to avoid contamination with dangerous bacteria. So, when there is advice like that, can pregnant women consume milk and cultured milk products?

In general, pregnant women can and safely drink cultured milk and milk products such as buttermilk and other cultured milk products as long as they have been pasteurized. Including dairy products such as cheese and yogurt. Here we will discuss whether cultured milk can be consumed by pregnant women and whether cultured milk is pasteurized.

Is Cultured Milk Safe When Pregnant?

Actually there is no problem with cultured milk, pregnant women can and safely drink it as long as the cultured milk has been pasteurized.

Among the cultured milks is buttermilk, and if it is pasteurized, then pregnant women can consume it. Buttermilk is low-fat or fat-free cow’s milk and has lactic acid added to it. So, according to the process which involves processing in such a way, this type of milk is called cultured milk. (Source: California Dairy Press Room).

After cultivation by adding lactic acid bacteria, this milk turns thicker and tastier, making it a favorite of many people, including pregnant women. So, this buttermilk can be consumed as usual, even used in cooking, baking and so on.

The important thing for pregnant women is to ensure that what they drink is healthy and free from bacterial contamination. So if you want to drink milk, make sure that the milk has been pasteurized. Likewise with other dairy products such as yogurt and tofu or cheese.

What is Pasteurization?

Pasteurization is the process of heating milk at a high temperature with the aim of killing bacteria that may be present in the milk. This process of killing bacteria is very important for pregnant women, this is to prevent pregnant women from contracting foodborne illnesses which pose a risk to their fetus.

Specifically, pasteurization is the killing of listeria bacteria which can cause listeriosis. This is a dangerous disease for pregnant women because listeria bacteria cause premature birth, stillbirth, etc. Apart from that, bacteria such as Salmonella and E.coli may also be infected in milk that is not sterile.

When milk and milk products have been pasteurized, they are safe for pregnant women to consume. Pasteurized buttermilk is a healthy food that is a source of calcium, vitamins, protein and minerals which are important for the body.

Nutrition of milk and dairy products for pregnant women

During pregnancy, you need more calcium to support the bones, nerves, muscles and circulatory system of you and your baby in the womb. (source: American Pregnancy Association).

So, how much calcium do pregnant women need every day? You need 1000 mg of calcium every day to meet your needs during pregnancy. As your guide, in one 8 fluid ounce cup, low-fat buttermilk contains 283 mg cal, says the USDA. So, one serving of buttermilk contains 1/4 of the recommended calcium during pregnancy.

One cup of low-fat buttermilk contains 8 grams of protein. During pregnancy, women need 71 grams of protein every day to support the baby’s growth and development optimally (source mayo clinic). The best source of protein is milk and dairy products such as yogurt, tofu and tempeh.

Is Cultured Milk Pasteurized?

If you ask “is cultured milk pasteurized”, Cultured milk is sometimes pasteurized and sometimes not, there is a pasteurized option. If you want healthier and special milk for pregnant women, she has to choose pasteurized milk and there are no other options. When you buy cultured milk and other milk, pay attention to the packaging, it should be clear that the milk has been pasteurized. If you buy buttermilk at the store, most of it has been sterilized from bacteria, but you still have to make sure.

Avoid any milk that is still raw, and buttermilk that has not been pasteurized. For example, if you buy milk directly from a goat herder who milks them while grazing, this is dangerous because there is a possibility of contamination with bacteria. So, buy milk that is clearly clean and germ-free. The FDA does not recommend or even prohibit you from buying raw products as we explained above.

All the milk or milk products that you consume at home, which you give to children, especially pregnant women, you must ensure that everything has been pasteurized.

Is Cultured Cheese Safe for Pregnant Women?

Cultured cheese is a type of cheese that is made using bacteria, the bacteria used can vary in cheese culture.

If cultured cheese is not pasteurized, then it is not for pregnant women to consume for health reasons. Cheese that is not sterilized from bacteria by heating at high temperatures is likely to be infected with listeria and other bacteria.

Are Cultured Cheeses Pasteurized?

It’s a shame because most cultured cheeses are not pasteurized. So, you should avoid or not eat cultivated cheese. When pregnant you should not eat cheese that has not been pasteurized. You must value your health and your pregnancy. So avoid foods that have the potential to be detrimental to health.

Various cheeses are safe to consume as long as they have been pasteurized. If the condition is not clear, then you should look for a safe point by not consuming dangerous cheese.

Is Cultured Yogurt Safe for Pregnant Women?

If cultivated cheese cannot be eaten during pregnancy, what about cultivated yogurt, is cultivated yogurt safe to consume during pregnancy?

Most yogurts are “cultured” because they are made by adding bacteria. However, it should be noted that yogurt that is safe to eat is one that has been pasteurized.

How do you know if yogurt has been pasteurized? The way to do this is to check the packaging. If there is no writing or notification, then you should leave it. Unpasteurized yogurt is not safe to eat, it is usually sold by farmers, or at roadside farmer’s stalls.

Is Cultured Yogurt Pasteurized

Is Cultured Yogurt Pasteurized?

Not everything is pasteurized, but most of the yogurt you find in grocery stores is pasteurized. This applies to various types of yogurt, regular yogurt, Greek yogurt, and others.

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So, if you are pregnant, choose a type of pasteurized yogurt, either Greek or regular yogurt. Check the packaging and make sure you find a label indicating that the yogurt you are buying has been pasteurized.

Well, the next time you ask “Is Cultured Milk Pasteurized, are Cultured Cheeses Pasteurized’ and more, then the products sold in supermarkets are usually pasteurized. However, you have to double-check the packaging and make sure you find a label that indicates that milk, buttermilk, cheese , or your yogurt has been pasteurized, so this will ensure safety for pregnant women.

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