17 Best Starbucks Drinks for Pregnant Women

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Starbucks Drinks for Pregnant Women

Starbucks Drinks for Pregnant Women, if in general pregnant women cannot drink coffee, then with Starbucks, you can choose a portion that is light in caffeine. Starbucks is a provider of various coffee drinks and other drinks. Coffee is a drink of warmth and deliciousness where every drop provides something valuable in enjoyment. For pregnant women who have previously been involved in the world of coffee, it is certainly very difficult to refrain from a cup of coffee every day.

Luckily, Starbucks offers many types of coffee with varying caffeine contents, cup sizes, and flavors. For pregnant women who crave coffee, you can still consume coffee with low caffeine content. Apart from that, pregnant women must ensure that everything is healthy and free of bacteria, so the coffee drink must be completely heated. The same is true for pasteurized milk for pregnant women.

Determining Starbucks portions and sizes is very confusing because they provide many different choices. Ok, here we will share with you how to determine drink size using special Starbucks terminology. Here we share the classification of the Starbucks menu so that it can make it easier for you to order your favorite drink. There are low caffeine Starbucks drinks and you can determine how much caffeine is in one drink. The main goal is for you to be safe with your pregnancy and not enjoy drinks that then put your fetus at risk.

If you are a pregnant woman who can’t stop yourself from coffee or tea all day long. Then you can try Starbucks with a light caffeine content. So, here we have grouped several types of Starbucks that are suitable for pregnant women. So, pregnant women can still drink coffee by adjusting the portion and caffeine.

The Best Starbucks Drinks for Pregnant Women?

When we talk about the best Starbucks drinks for pregnant women, we mean Starbucks drinks that are safe for them to consume, never mind the taste or taste and texture of the drink. So, if you can’t give up drinking coffee, Starbucks provides a light caffeine version of coffee that is safe for pregnant women.

Best Starbucks Drinks for Pregnant Women

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We have listed the 17 best Starbucks drinks for pregnant women which are certainly safe to consume in moderation. There are options for low-caffeine Starbucks coffee and other caffeine-free Starbucks drinks. Pay attention to your portions, even though it is low in caffeine, you have to watch your portions.

So, after we see the list of the 17 best Starbucks for pregnant women, we will dig in and analyze which ones are the best for pregnant women among the 17 types of drinks, meaning they are safe for pregnant women and their babies. Apart from that, we will also discuss what foods are suitable to enjoy while enjoying Starbucks drinks.

List of the 17 best Starbucks for Pregnant Women

  1. 8-oz Pike Place blend: Recommendations of no more than 200mg of caffeine per day, and 8-oz Pike Place blend contains 155mg per bottle. So, this is still within permissible limits.
  2. 8-oz Dark Roast: the caffeine content is 130 mg, meaning the caffeine in 8-oz Dark Roast is still lower than 8-oz pike place blend.
  3. 8-oz decaf Pike Place blend: The caffeine content is only 15 mg and this is a very small amount.
  4. Short Latte: This contains 75 mg of caffeine and is made from a single espresso.
  5. Short Cappuccino: The caffeine content is still the same as a short latte.
  6. The Short Chai Tea Latte: This is a type of Starbucks that is made without using coffee and the short chai tea latte contains herbs that are safe for pregnant women. If you want a glass of Starbucks while pregnant, this is the recommendation.
  7. Short Green Tea Latte: This is Starbucks made from Matcha with a caffeine content of 30 mg per serving.
  8. Short Eggnog Latte: This is a drink made with pasteurized eggnog. However, if you order this, ask the chef whether this is the pasteurized type.
  9. Short Pumpkin Spice Latte: One Starbucks that we love is the Short Pumpkin Spice Latte. It contains spices like cinnamon, ginger, tastes good but contains a lot of sugar.
  10. Decaf Coffee: This Starbucks drink is labeled with “decaf”, but the caffeine content is only 15 mg.
  11. Mint Majesty tea: A drink from Starbucks that is caffeine free and relatively safe for pregnant women
  12. Peach Tranquility tea: Another caffeine-free alternative to Starbucks with a delicious taste.
  13. White Hot Chocolate: It tastes delicious, and is strong and caffeine free.
  14. Steamed Apple Juice: A hearty Starbucks choice for fall
  15. Iced Passion Tango Tea and Lemonades: Caffeine free and tastes very refreshing.
  16. Iced Guava Passion Fruit drink: Starbucks drink with a tropical feel free of caffeine.
  17. Steamers: Creamy drinks, made from steamed milk and rich syrup. You can enjoy this Starbucks drink without having coffee. Please choose the one that suits your taste. Everything is available at the nearest Starbucks branch.

We have seen a list of Starbucks that pregnant women can enjoy, of the many Starbucks drinks, which ones are the best for pregnant women. We know that caffeine should be limited by pregnant women, so it doesn’t have to be eliminated completely. Of course, we recommend the Starbucks with the least caffeine content.

So, how will you choose the best among the many Starbucks drinks. Actually, pregnant women can consume caffeine, but they must limit it. Now, the American Pregnancy Association (APA) and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) agree that moderate amounts of caffeine can still be consumed by pregnant women (source: APA, ACOG). Maybe pregnant women can still choose among the many drinks which according to them not only have to have the least caffeine, but also have the best taste.

So, how much should be limited? A recent study states that caffeine can be consumed no more than 200 mg per day. This means that pregnant women can still enjoy all types of Starbucks drinks with caffeine content below 200 mg, but only one serving per day, and what’s more, pregnant women don’t drink caffeinated drinks like this every day.

Caffeine in Starbucks Drinks

Coffee is the biggest caffeine-contributing drink in our daily diet menu and one form of coffee is Starbucks, although some of its types do not use coffee, but the majority use coffee. Here’s a breakdown of how much caffeine is in some Starbucks drinks.

  • 8-oz Pike Place blend= 155 mg
  • 8-oz Blonde Roast= 180 mg
  • Doppio espresso= 150 mg
  • 8-oz Dark Roast= 130 mg
  • 8-oz chai tea= 80 mg
  • A single espresso in espresso-based mixed drinks, such as lattes, is only 75 mg of caffeine
  • 8-oz Jade Citrus Mint tea= 16 mg
  • 8-oz decaf Pike Place blend= 15 mg

Some Starbucks sizes that you should know when ordering. A short is 8-oz, a ‘tall’ is 12-oz, a ‘grande’ is 16-oz, and a ‘venti’ is 20-oz.

While Starbucks drinks are made from espresso, of course the addition of more espresso will increase as the size ordered increases. The standard amount of espresso in each traditional drink size at Starbucks is:

  • Short= 1
  • Tall= 1
  • Grande= 2
  • Venti= 2

The caffeine content in mocha drinks also uses the standards above. But overall, the caffeine content in mocha is more because there is additional caffeine from the chocolate used. The only thing that doesn’t follow the standard amount of caffeine is the Caffe Americano because it’s just a simple drink combining hot water and espresso.

After we have seen studies on caffeine content, now what is your best choice for Starbucks drinks for pregnant women who need to minimize caffeine content.

To ensure that caffeine is not excessive and remains within a reasonable limit of 200mg, the best choice is short and tall-sized drinks.

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Which Starbucks Lattes are Pregnancy Friendly?

Steamed milk is a delicious combination of tea and coffee which makes latte a very popular drink. However, there are several things you need to pay attention to in Starbucks lattes, especially regarding nutrition.

A short latte is usually made using one espresso and has a caffeine content of around 75 mg. The bigger the size, the more caffeine it will have.

Does Starbucks Use Pasteurized Milk and Cream?

Yes, all types of milk and cream used in Starbucks are pasteurized. So in essence, as stated in state and federal law, the milk used must be pasteurized.

So, pregnant women can feel relieved and don’t need to be afraid of Starbucks drinks. The alternative milk they use also includes one that is heated at ultra temperatures or is called UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk. This means that milk or Starbucks drinks are safe for pregnant women to consume.

Are Starbucks Frappuccinos OK During Pregnancy?

Starbucks over the years has been creating sweet and inventive tasting Frappuccinos, and these are not known for being the healthiest on the Starbucks menu. But that doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, if you consume it in medium quantities, frappuccinos can also be part of a good daily diet.

The sugar content for a tall frappuccino is the same as 12 ounces of cola, and this is said to be a sweet drink because of the use of sugar. So, pregnant women should not eat too many sweet drinks. It is stated that consuming 5 portions or more a week has the potential to give birth prematurely, or a baby with a low birth weight.

Another bad effect of Frappuccinos is that they contain high amounts of added sugar and contain caffeine, so if you want to enjoy them, especially pregnant women, you should take small portions and enjoy them in moderation. Remember, don’t overdo it with sweet drinks like Frappuccinos because it can cause problems with birth.

Which Starbucks Drinks are Non-Caffeinated for Pregnancy?

Some pregnant women choose not to consume caffeine, even though certain amounts of caffeine are still considered safe for pregnant women. Fortunately, Starbucks provides caffeine-free drinks that pregnant women can consume without any debate.

Decaf coffee is the first drink which is of course very low in caffeine, around 15 mg. Apart from decaf coffee, there are several other choices on the Starbucks menu as decaffeinated and low-caffeine drinks.


  • Mint Majesty tea
  • White hot chocolate
  • Peach Tranquility tea
  • Steamed apple juice
  • Lemonades
  • Iced Passion Tango tea and lemonades
  • Steamers
  • Iced Guava Passion Fruit drink

Low caffeine

  • Hot Chocolate (15 mg caffeine in short-size)
  • Creme-based frappuccinos (caffeine varies)
  • Refreshers (35 mg caffeine in most short sizes)

Apart from that, you can always ask that the base of your drink be decaffeinated espresso.

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