Johnny Vegas Drink Recipe

by Simon
Johnny Vegas Drink Recipe

Johnny Vegas Drink, an intriguing drink recipe, is not only delicious but also offers its own interest. This drink is very unique and the color is almost the same as the sunrise cocktail.

We like healthy alcohol-free drinks because we are health conscious. But sometimes we look for classic cocktails, a mixture in the form of a drink with the name “Johnny Vegas Drink” which is ready to give us inspiration.

We can turn the combined flavors in a cocktail into a delicious non-alcoholic drink that will leave you impressed and remembered. When we learned a little about Johnny Vegas Drink, we immediately thought that this drink would be amazing if transformed into a mocktail. The taste is different from other drinks and you have to know how it tastes, and now is the time for us to share the recipe with you.

Johnny Vegas Drink is a unique and interesting drink…. Let’s take a closer look at this bright orange drink with hidden flavors inside.

What is a Johnny Vegas?

Johnny Vegas is an impressive drink made from tequila, watermelon schnapps and uses energy drinks as a complement. The energy drink that is generally used in Johnny Vegas drinks is Red bull. Not without reason, but because of the soft sour taste of red bull. It tastes suitable when combined with watermelon because it can add an extraordinary sense of freshness.

Ingredients in a Johnny Vegas Drink

The first thing we used when creating a non-alcoholic version of the Johnny Vegas drink was to say goodbye to schnapps and tequila. We found a great replacement for them. We use cactus juice instead of tequila, sometimes there is also cactus juice labeled cactus water. On another occasion, God willing, we will review more about cactus juice.

Then we replaced the schnapps with watermelon (real watermelon juice). Watermelon can easily be found in almost all fruit shops. You only need to cut a few pieces of watermelon and blend them into real watermelon juice with a better aroma.

Meanwhile, the energy drink we chose to make the Johnny Vegas drink was Red Bull. Red Bull is an alcohol-free drink and this is the key to the enjoyment of classic Johnny Vegas.

What is Cactus Juice?

Cactus juice is one of the ingredients we use in making Johnny Vegas. We use this juice to replace tequila which contains alcohol. If you still don’t know what cactus juice is, maybe it’s time for us to learn more about it.

Cactus juice is sometimes also known as Cactus Water, a cactus juice drink made from the prickly pear fruit found in the Nopal cactus. Cactus juice has a unique taste, it tastes like a light berry flavor and a combination of berries and kiwi. It is very suitable combined with oranges and watermelon. Johnny Vegas drink is one of the best drinks to refresh the body when it’s hot, especially the non-alcoholic version.

So, with our simple recipe, you don’t need to drink alcohol to enjoy what Johnny Vegas tastes like. We believe that this non-alcoholic version is much better than the original version. The non-alcoholic version of Johnny Vegas Drink is more fruity and fresher.

Using Red Bull will give you a temporary boost of energy. Meanwhile, adding watermelon juice and cactus juice (cactus water) makes you feel fresh and keeps your body hydrated. With a sip of Johnny Vegas drink, you can have a fun day.

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Johnny Vegas Drink Recipe

Johnny Vegas Drink Recipe

Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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  • ½ cup watermelon juice
  • ½ cup cactus juice
  • 1 can of Red Bull
  • 2 lime wedges
  • Ice


  1. Just quick Fill two rocks glasses with ice.
  2. And then Add the watermelon juice and cactus juice to each glass.
  3. Top each glass with the Red Bull drink, choose the non alcohol drink version
  4. Garnish with a lime slice.
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