What Are The Starbucks Cup Sizes

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Starbucks Cup Sizes

Do you find it difficult to order Starbucks because you don’t know what the Starbucks cup sizes are? It’s true, there are many sizes of Starbucks cups to order, so it’s sometimes difficult for newbies to order Starbucks. Most of the customers don’t know their cup size, what if you are in a hurry, this will definitely be very annoying. In this article, we will explain in detail about Starbucks cup sizes and prices.

Here we will also share how to order Starbucks like a pro. This is very interesting, whether you are a seasoned coffee barista or just a newcomer to the world of Starbucks. Keep reading this article and understand better about Starbucks cup sizes!

Where do Starbucks Cup Sizes Come From?

Is the size of the Starbucks cup something that is made up or does it really have a meaning, why is the size of the Starbucks coffee cup that way, are Starbucks cup the same size, let’s find out about the history of where the cup sizes offered by them come from.

As mentioned by the Daily Mail, Howard Schultz never visited a coffee shop in Italy and he then felt fascinated by the romance of Bar In Italy, he wanted to bring it to America with his own coffee shop and the name of the coffee shop was Il Giornale.

This coffee shop with the name Schultz’s was written in the book Grande Exspectations, where the purpose of this coffee shop is not just to drink coffee but this is a place to communicate that is more beautiful, romantic and ex0tic. Since this shop was built with an Italian coffee shop background, we wanted a different name for the coffee shop.

Then, the expansion of II Giornale in the form of Starbucks as it is becoming popular today, this is not the final chapter but there are many stories and history behind it. In the 1990s, Starbucks only provided three drink sizes: short, tall and grand. Short here means small, petite, while tall means medium size and grande means very large size.

The status of the “tall” Starbucks cup that was previously called “short” was downgraded – when the venti size was introduced – and is now called “small”. Most of these coffee connoisseurs still order “short” not “small” sizes at many Starbucks stores. If this sounds interesting, don’t miss this article because we will show you many secrets that your barista is hiding.

Starbucks Cup Sizes

What is the size of a Starbucks cup? The first thing to know is that Starbucks has different cup sizes and these are not standard. This means that the cup size for the “tall” at one Starbucks store is sometimes not the same as the cup size for the “tall” at other locations. But in general there are 4 Starbucks cup sizes in order that are always present in these taverns. These four sizes are: Tall, Grande, Venti, and Trenta. In addition to the popular four, there are also Baby and Shot sizes but these are only available online. Different sizes indicate there are differences in capacity and price. We’ll explain Starbucks cup sizes and prices later, and now let’s look at the various types of Starbucks cup sizes that are generally available in every store or available online.

Let’s look at a breakdown of popular Starbucks cup sizes:

1. Demi

What is the Demi cup size? This is the size for 3 fluid ounces or 120 ml. This coffee cup size is no longer available at Starbucks but you can order it online.

Demi is the right size if you crave a small coffee size, usually in a Demi cup served Americano, Cappuccino, Macchiato, Frappuccino and Cortado.

2. Short

While the Short size at Starbucks stores is to fill 8 ounces (8 fluid ounces) or 240 ml of coffee. It is also no longer available at your local Starbucks but is available online.

Short is the Starbucks size which is suitable for those of you who like to drink a little coffee, this is the small size and this is suitable if you order coffee such as Macchiato, Americano, and Cappuccino.

3. Tall

A tall is the size of a Starbucks cup for a 12 fluid ounces or 350 ml cup, usually the standard choice for coffee. If you want to drink coffee for the purpose of filling up the caffeine quickly and don’t want to drink too much coffee, then the “tall” cup size is the one to try. For this size, it is actually still relatively small and suitable as a standard coffee drink and contains little milk and syrup.

The “tall” cup size is usually used for Starbucks size in orders for Latte, Chai Tea Latte, and Espresso.

4. Grande

The Starbucks cup size with Grande status offers a volume of 16 fluid ounces or 470 ml. This is the medium size and the most popular Starbucks cup size. These are slightly larger than “tall” cups. If you want to feel full with coffee and don’t like too much, then this size is right for you.

If you want to add syrup and milk to your coffee, the Grande cup size is also suitable and can be considered. This is the best Starbucks size in order for Pike Place Roast, Caffe Americano and Blonde Roast.

5. Venti

The Venti is a larger Starbucks cup size that holds 20 fluid ounces or about 590 ml. This is the largest cup size available and perfect for those of you who want to satisfy yourself with coffee.

This Starbucks size is great for those of you who are loading up on a lot of caffeine, or for those of you who want to be more frugal at a lower price. Usually, cups with Venti sizes are used to order drinks such as House Blend, Mocha and Breakfast Blend.

6. Trenta

What is the Starbucks cup size for Trenta? This is a measure with a volume of 31 fluid ounces or 900 ml. At Starbucks, this is a large size and is considered a new size and is intended for those of you who want super-sized coffee.

Starbucks cups of this size are only available for iced coffee or iced tea. So, you can’t buy hot coffee in this giant cup. If you want to share coffee with friends, the trenta size is also suitable or you want to buy more coffee for your family and at a lower price. This is the Starbucks cup size for orders like Frappuccino, Vanilla Latte and Caramel Macchiato.

Are Starbucks Cups the Same Size Around the World?

In general, Starbucks cup sizes are the same all over the world, but some are available for small sizes such as in Europe, where Starbucks is served in a smaller size than in America.

In addition, some countries provide Starbucks cups that are more unique and this is not found in other parts of the country. For example, in Japan, when you drink Starbucks there are cups that are “Short Hot” in size and you don’t find that in other countries.

Also, if you order a Venti in America, the cold version is 24 ounces, but elsewhere the Venti is 20 ounces.

In conclusion

Starbucks size cups are not standard, from one location to another, the sizes sometimes vary.

Even some countries like Japan have unique Starbucks cups that are not available in other countries.

Starbucks Cup Sizes and Prices

Here we mention 4 prices for the 4 sizes of Starbucks cups that are generally provided. Meanwhile, we do not mention the price for other sizes because they vary widely and differ from one location to another.

  • Talls: $2.45
  • Grandes: $2.65
  • Venti:$2.85
  • Trenta:$3.05

The cost of a cup of coffee at Starbucks can vary according to the location, time of day and type of coffee. But in general you can get a “tall” size for $2.50 and a Grande size for $3.00. While the Starbucks price for the Venti size is $ 3.50 and $ 4.00 for the Trenta size.

Again, this is an approximate price only, because each place and location sometimes varies prices.

Why Are Starbucks Cup Sizes in Italian?

True, the name of the Starbucks cup size is taken from Italian, such as Grande which means “big”, then “Venti” which means “twenty”, and “Trenta” which is used for ounces and for the smallest size it is called in English, namely Tall and Short. .

How to Order your Coffee like a Pro?

– When you order coffee, always specify large or small ice, light ice will give you more coffee and less water, and vice versa for heavy ice.

– If you want stronger coffee, try asking for an espresso shot, you can also order a double shot of espresso if you want extra caffeine.

– If you want your coffee not to be too sweet, then ask the barista to make it with half the amount of syrup.

– For a dairy-free option, you can order your coffee with almond milk or soy milk.

– for those who want healthier coffee, then ask for it to be made with sugar-free syrup, or coffee without syrup at all.

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How to Make Starbucks at Home?

Sounds interesting, making Starbucks coffee at home is not impossible, you can make it yourself at home just by following the steps we provide.

– Seed a bag of Starbucks coffee beans and grind them yourself

– To make coffee similar to Starbucks, use a K-cup or similar single-serve coffee maker.

– Make a cold concentrate by mixing ground coffee with water and brew overnight. You can dilute it with milk or water.

– Use an AeroPress or other manual coffee maker to make Starbucks coffee more concentrated, you can dilute it with milk or water.

– You can use a French press to produce a full-flavored cup of Starbucks coffee.

Making Starbucks at home is the best choice, you can save a lot of money and this can also be adjusted according to your wishes.

FAQs: Starbucks Cup Sizes

What is a standard-size drink at Starbucks?

The standard Starbucks cup size is the Grande, this is a medium size and one of the most ordered. however, when someone asks, you should still explain the other measurements such as venti hot or venti cold.

What are the differences between Venti Hot and Venti Cold?

The basic difference between the two is that Venti Cold contains more ice and less coffee than Venti Hot.

– Venti hot is Starbucks 20 fluid ounces and contains two shots, if you add syrup in Venti hot you will get an additional 5 pumps of syrup. While Venti hot tea is made with two tea bags.

– Venti Cold you can get more shots of espresso compared to Venti hot. This means es venti espresso contains 3 shots of espresso. If you order venti iced American or a venti iced flat white, then you will get 4 shots and cold venti drinks get an additional 6 pumps of syrup.

What size are the Starbucks reusable cups?

Reusable Starbucks cups are 12 oz (Tall), 16 oz (Grande) and 24 oz (venti).

How many pumps of syrup are in a Venti vanilla latte?

There are 4 pumps of syrup in a Venti vanilla latte.

Does a Venti cup of coffee have more caffeine than a Grande cup?

Yes, the Venti is larger than the Grande so it can hold more coffee and less water. If you drink Starbucks caffeine free, then this is not your choice.

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