Is Fiji Water Healthy? Here is What You Need to Know

by Simon
Is Fiji Water Healthy

Fiji water is said to be healthy water because it comes from underground reservoirs and is never touched by humans during the manufacturing process. This is water from the Viti Levu brand of the Republic of Fiji. Fiji Water is often commented positively by those who care about their health. The company also states that the water is filtered through volcanic rock so that it is a source of minerals that are good for health. So, if someone asks is Fiji water healthy? So in general the answer is “healthy”, this is a healthy drink that is packaged carefully using a sterile system.

There are still so many positive things that can be said about this Fiji water brand. So, what about you, is Fiji water healthy? Do you think you have other perceptions about this mineral water? Ok, here we will continue discussing the benefits of Fiji water and its negative effects.

What Are the Components of Fiji Water?

To be clearer about the benefits of Fiji water, we need to know its components. They claim that the components of Fiji water consist of potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, fluoride and others and this is a source of energy for the human body. Fiji water provides great positive value for humans, such as providing benefits for bones and various other body functions.

The source of this water comes from the Yaqara valley and this water is filtered through volcanic rocks, so its purity is maintained, and this is what makes this water rich in minerals. Is Fiji water healthy? Yes, not only does Fiji provide many minerals, but it also provides electrolytes which are very important for the human body in keeping the body hydrated. This means that with Fiji water, a person’s health will remain balanced and well measured.

These minerals make this drink useful and make it alkaline, free of special flavors and there is no sweetener in it.

Nutritional Properties of Fiji Water

We already know that Fiji water is rich in minerals which make it have many benefits for bone health and the body in general. In general, Fiji water is free of calories and extra nutrients.

  • Calories: Almost all bottled water is calorie-free
  • Nutrition: The nutritional content shows the quantity of carbohydrates, protein and fat. As bottled water, Fiji water is not rich in nutritional sources.
  • Essential minerals: Some of the important minerals in it are Magnesium, Silica, Calcium, etc. present in sufficient quantities. There is an important role these minerals play in the human body in carrying out its functions.
  • Allergens: Fiji water does not contain any allergens at all, this can be seen in everyone who drinks it.

With all the nutrients and health benefits it offers for health, Fiji water is a healthy drink. When people ask “is Fiji water healthy?”, then according to its nutrition, we can answer that this is a healthy drink that can make a positive contribution to health.

If Fiji water is healthy water, what are the health benefits of drinking Fiji water? Here we look at the health benefits offered by this drink from the Yaqara valley one by one.

Health Benefits of Fiji Water

1. Hydration

Fiji water contains electrolytes which contribute to maintaining body fluid balance so that you stay hydrated. Electrolytes are also said to help in balancing important mineral content. So the benefits of drinking Fiji water can maintain body fluid balance and in turn can provide healthy digestion, good body metabolic activity and maintain healthy blood circulation.

2. Skin Health

Another health benefit is maintaining healthy skin Thanks to the silica content in Fiji water. This is an important mineral that the body should obtain adequately to maintain healthy and beautiful skin. Apart from skin, silica is also important for bone health by helping in the formation of bone tissue.

The adequate electrolyte content also makes it a plus point in keeping skin healthy and looking radiant.

3. Minerals

Fiji water is rich in benefits because it contains several important minerals that play a direct or indirect role in body functions.

There is a limited content of potassium, calcium, sodium, etc. which makes it a good source of energy for health.

4. Antioxidants

The nature of Fiji water is alkaline and is believed to be water that contains antioxidants. The benefits of antioxidants in Fiji water are useful for preventing damage to body cells, increasing benefits for heart health.

5. Pregnancy and Lactation

It is very important for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers to consume sufficient amounts of water. Fiji water is healthy water with its mineral content, which is very good for pregnant and breastfeeding women to drink. But you should not depend entirely on bottled water to fulfill your body’s nutrition.

During pregnancy, pregnant women need nutrition for healthy bones and Fiji water provides these nutrients. If you are a breastfeeding mother, you focus on hydration, then water containing electrolytes such as coconut water and Fiji water is very good.

Water filtered through volcanic rock is able to balance the body’s functional choices and is the best choice when breastfeeding.

6. Benefits for diabetics

Fiji water does not contain artificial flavors or sweeteners and is free from sugar and carbohydrates, so this water is very suitable for diabetics, because apart from being rich in minerals it is also free from substances prohibited for diabetics.

7. Benefits of Fiji water for Gut Health

Is Fiji water healthy? Of course, even this water has benefits for intestinal health. It helps the body hydrate and this means Fiji water helps your gut health, this is a sign of good digestive health which is very important for a healthy gut.

8. Impact on Kidney Health

A hydrated body is not only good for digestive health but also good for the kidneys.

Healthy kidneys require a body that is well hydrated. The way to do this is to drink enough water every day and Fiji water is one of the healthy waters that hydrates the body well, this can prevent kidney problems. However, if you have kidney problems, ask a doctor for advice.


Downsides of Fiji Water

Does Fiji water have any downsides? After looking at it, it turns out that the downsides or weakness lies in the packaging which uses plastic bottles. Plastic bottles cannot be broken down by microorganisms so they have a bad impact on health. So, areas that are sources of water are sometimes harmed by their plastic bottles.

It is very important to pay attention to and reduce the use of plastic bottles so that they do not pollute the environment.

The Bottom Line

What is Fiji Water, Is Fiji water healthy? Yes, Fiji water is natural water taken from the Yaqara Valley from underground reservoirs. This water is processed without touching human hands and filtered using volcanic rock. If you ask about its condition, is he healthy? So obviously this water is healthy for the human body by providing some health boost as it is rich in other important minerals.

The minerals contained are similar to those in other bottled water, and are not at all harmful to health. However, it provides good health value and supports human health. But it is your choice to make it a part of your life or not.

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