Why Am I Craving Tuna? Here are the Possible Reasons

by Simon
Why am I craving tuna

Why am I craving tuna? Let’s see! Tuna is a popular fish in seafood cuisine, many people like it. If you want to eat delicious food, then tuna is the choice, its texture and taste make everyone fall in love with this seafood culinary delight.

The delicious taste makes many people always want to try this food. So, it’s natural that you crave tuna every week. Tuna is not only delicious, but provides nutrients such as omega 3, iodine, protein, vitamin D, and many others.

Craving tuna sometimes is because you don’t want to miss its soft texture and delicious taste. This could be one of the reasons why people always want to eat this luxurious culinary delight. However, it is best to learn what makes your appetite stimulated, why you feel like eating tuna all the time.

In this article we will share the reasons behind tuna cravings, and how to overcome them. If you’ve always wanted to eat tuna, read this article to find out what happens to your body that makes you crave tuna. Not only that, we also complete it with several strategies on how to prevent yourself from continuously craving tuna..

Without further ado, let’s see how tuna relates to taste and your appetite. Why do you crave tuna and what other things are related to tuna. We will publish all important information about this craving here for you.

Why Do I Crave Tuna?

Have you ever had a craving for tuna? What does it mean to crave tuna? So, when you are craving tuna then you are most likely lacking the nutrients provided by tuna. Tuna is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin D, iodine and protein.

It’s possible that when you crave tuna you also crave its consistency. Sometimes you also want to feel satisfaction by enjoying tuna, because tuna is a comfort food.

Let’s look at the reasons behind your craving for tuna one by one below:

1. Your body Needs for protein

If you crave tuna, then one answer is because your body lacks protein. Eating tuna is an easy way to get the maximum amount of protein.

Protein is useful in increasing muscle tissue development, regenerating muscle tissue, and eating tuna can also keep you full for a long time. This means that eating tuna can make you satisfied and can fight your appetite.

So, if you ask why do you crave tuna? So the possible answer is that your body is lacking the protein as found in Tuna fish.

Tuna not only contains protein, there are also several other minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium. People who eat a lot of tuna have a lower risk of anemia compared to those who don’t eat tuna.

Just like why Do I Crave Chicken, the zinc and iron and protein content are the reasons. Tuna is also a source of iron which can prevent a person from experiencing anemia.

2. Your body needs for Omega-3

Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid which is very important for the body, but this type of acid is not produced in the body but must be obtained from outside, such as from seafood.

Consuming foods rich in omega 3 has a lower risk of heart disease. A study says that people who often eat tuna have a 40% lower percentage of death from heart disease than those who don’t eat tuna.

Omega 3 also helps prevent depression by maintaining cognitive health, especially in the elderly.

If your body is deficient in omega 3, then you will likely crave tuna. So, it’s natural because tuna is rich in omega 3. If you are craving tuna, you can follow your wishes straight away because tuna provides lots of omega 3 fatty acids which have huge benefits for brain health, cognitive and so on.

3. Your body needs for iodine

Iodine is the raw material for producing thyroid which in turn has the benefit of regulating body metabolism, energy and the evolution of our body cells.

So, when you are craving tuna, chances are you are deficient in iodine or lacking protein. Research says that women who consume 12 ounces of seafood each week have a 40% lower risk of hypothyroidism, compared to people who only eat 4 servings per month.

When you have low energy and have a strong desire to eat tuna, it is possible that your body is deficient in iodine so you feel cravings for tuna.

4. You want to Know the Texture and Taste of Tuna

Tuna has a soft texture, as an aquatic animal, tuna has long smooth muscles and this texture makes many people want to taste it.

This texture is the target of many seafood fans, so tuna is also highly priced in large restaurants. This texture also makes many people crave tuna in their lives.

If you’re craving tuna when you’re anxious or not in a good mood, then you’re probably looking for that distinctive sensation in your mouth to distract you from anything that doesn’t please you.

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5. You Find Satisfaction and Comfort in Tuna

Everyone understands that tuna is a very enjoyable and delicious food. Tuna is warm, filling, the texture is loved, and this is why tuna has so many fans and is even expensive.

When you are depressed, there are several foods that sometimes make you feel comfortable, for example tuna which provides an extraordinary taste and texture. When you already know how tuna is, you will continue to crave tuna, this is because you have found satisfaction in this tuna food.

Tuna is not only delicious, but it is a luxurious food that is fun to eat. Big restaurants in various parts of the world have treated tuna as a luxury dish and for those who find great tuna, this is a big advantage.

Why Am I Craving Tuna All Of A Sudden?

There are also cases where people suddenly crave tuna, why does this happen? Why do you suddenly crave tuna? The possibility is that your body is deficient in vitamin D, which you can get in tuna.

Apart from that, your desire to eat tuna shows that you are deficient in several nutrients such as vitamin D, protein, omega 3 fatty acids or because of an iodine deficiency. One of them can happen if you are craving tuna.

What should you do if you are craving tuna? You just have to give your body what it wants. If you are craving tuna, then look for tuna in the market and make delicious dishes or bring it to the nearest restaurant and prove their professionalism to satisfy yourself with tuna.

Why Am I Craving Tuna All the Time?

Craving tuna is also a sign that you are not getting enough nutrition for your body during this time.

This could indicate that your body is deficient in omega 3 fatty acids, protein, or iodine because tuna is known as a seafood rich in these nutrients.

In conclusion, you need to buy tuna or eat other foods that contain these nutrients (as in tuna).

How to Stop Craving Tuna?

To stop craving tuna is actually very easy, you can just eat it until you’re satisfied (still pay attention to portions) until you get the nutrients you need. This is called conquering appetite.

So, most of your cravings are due to nutritional deficiencies or because you want to experience the texture and taste.

What to Eat when Craving Tuna?

First, we must know that craving tuna is a sign of a lack of vitamin D or omega 3 fatty acids. So, when you feel like eating tuna, you can look for other alternatives that also provide the same nutrients.

So, that’s how to control your appetite, when you want to eat tuna and there are only sardines or shrimp, then you can look for other foods that contain nutrients like tuna. This way you can eliminate your appetite for tuna. These are general guidelines that must be understood when you want to control your appetite.

Craving Tuna during Pregnancy

This makes perfect sense, pregnancy is a time when you need a lot of nutrition, not only for yourself but also for your baby.

Craving tuna during pregnancy is related to nutritional deficiencies in your body, and you can get these nutrients by consuming tuna.

During pregnancy, you need around 300 additional calories every day. So when you feel cravings, fill your body with nutrient-dense foods. One of the things you can do is try the Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is an eating pattern that consumes lots of sweet foods such as fruit, creamy yogurt, and savory foods such as seafood.

In short, if you indulge your cravings, then your body will get many benefits from it, including you still get many great benefits during pregnancy.

Craving Tuna before Period

Craving tuna during menstruation is also related to nutritional deficiencies. For example, during menstruation there will be a lot of blood coming out and this erodes iron.

Tuna is a food rich in iron so it is the best choice for you to consume during menstruation. Iron can help restore conditions during menstruation which makes your body weak and anemic (in some cases).

Also, omega 3 fatty acids help relieve painful conditions during menstruation. That’s the reason why you crave omega 3 during menstruation.

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