Are Takis Halal or Haram?

by Simon
Are Takis Halal or Haram

Maybe you have debated about Takis, Are Takis halal or haram? Let’s see how Takis actually is, not about how long it lasts or how to store Takis correctly, because we already explained this in the article about How Long Do Takis Last in the past

I still don’t understand Takis, whether it is halal to eat or haram, this is important so that those who eat it don’t sin. For Muslims, eating what is haram is a sin, and it is important to know how takis are made, especially as the ingredients must clearly not contain haram ingredients. We debated about halam or haram on Takis, aiming not to sin when eating it.

To find the answer, I have reviewed many sources regarding the opinions of Muslim scholars, food bloggers and international chefs. I am looking to find out are Takis is halal is Islam, if it is halal how to find the facts so that I am really sure about it.

After finding, reading many articles about Takis, then I summarized it into an article which I gave the title “Are Takis Halal or Haram”. Here I will explain what ingredients are used in making Takis so that by knowing the source of the ingredients, we can decide does it is halal to eat or Haram.

If you are also curious about the answer, keep reading this article, we will explain it as simply as possible for you. Ok, let’s just look at my review and summary about Are Takis Haram or Halal.

Are Takis Halal?

Yes, Takis is halal to eat, but Takis chips do not have a Halal certificate, but it should be noted that these chips do not use haram ingredients such as pork products, and this is also considered a food that is safe for consumption by Muslims.

So, takis is only a chip product from plants and does not use other haram products such as pork gelatin or other haram animals. Thus, Takis is halal for consumption. Want to know the reason?

Why are Takis Halal?

Takis are made using chicken products, shrimp and of course these animals are halal to eat.

You can eat Takis at any time, or use it as supplies for your trip.

Does Takis have Pork?

Food containing pork is clearly “haram” to eat. But Takis does not use pork products.

Because this is not a product produced by Muslims, if you find the ingredients come from pork then it is Haram to eat it. So as long as you don’t use pork products, Takis is halal, but if you find pork or its derivative products written in the ingredients, then Takis is haram to eat.

Do Takis Contain Alcohol?

No, Takis does not contain alcohol, so it is halal and can be eaten by Muslims.

Alcohol is usually found in many types of cocktails or drinks such as vodka press, buzzballs, black superman drink, red tea shot, water moccasin shot, black tea shot, Johnny Vegas Drink, Malibu Barbie Drink and others. So, Takis is not a drink but a sterile food made from haram ingredients, that’s why we eat it.

Are there any Muslims who believe Takis are haram?

If you consider Takis haram, then it is a sin to eat it. But actually, in Islam, if something is not clearly haram, then the product is halal to eat and you don’t need to check it in detail.

But in our opinion, paying attention to the ingredients used, Takis is halal food to eat. Indeed, this product does not have a Halal label, but that does not mean it is haram to eat.

So, you don’t need to doubt the halalness of food that is not clearly haram.

What are the Ingredients in Takis?

To be able to say whether takis are halal or haram, we have to know how takis are made. So, it is important for us to convey here about the ingredients used in the production of Takis.

First, what you need to pay attention to is that there are many types of Takis and they are made with different materials. The main ingredients in takis are corn flour, vegetable oil, seasonings including sugar and salt, and use artificial coloring. Islamic scholars have approved several halal products because they are compatible with Muslim diets. However, not all Takis have received a halal certificate, some of them have not received it because a valid test has not been carried out.

A Muslim scholar named Muhammad ibn Umar Al-Shirbini mentioned a brief list of ingredients used in making Takis. With the ingredients provided, we are sure that Takis is halal to eat. However, some articles say that Takis are haram, this is possible for certain Takis because not all of them use pork products or alcohol. So, not all of them use the same ingredients.

You can claim that Takis is haram if you find that the ingredients used are haram, but if the ingredients used are not haram, then it is clear that the law for eating it is HALAL. If you want, you can make your own Takis at home or buy one at the shop. But if you want it to be healthier, you should make it yourself, because shop takis use artificial flavourings.

Takis are a popular snack in Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, the Philippines and several other countries. Takis are made using puffed rice or using nuts complemented with spices and chilies.

Are Takis halal in the USA?

Yes, in America, takis is halal but not certified. They are not made with pork products or alcohol. So, Takis in America are halal for Muslims to eat.

Are Takis Chips Halal?

Takis chips are a vegan and vegetarian friendly product, meaning they do not use animal products. So in general we can say that Takis chips are halal to eat because they do not contain Haram animals such as pork.

The ingredients in Takis Chips do not contain fish, sesame, lactose, making it a suitable choice for the Muslim Ummah.

So, you don’t need to worry about the condition of Takis chips products. As we say, if you don’t find the ingredients from haram products, then it is halal to eat.

Are all Takis Halal?

Yes, in general all Takis are halal to eat, except Takis which clearly use pork or alcohol. Check the label and if you find ingredients from pork or other haram ingredients such as alcohol, then it is haram to eat.

When you eat Takis, check the ingredients used, and make sure they don’t use haram ingredients such as pork, alcohol, etc.

Conclusion: Is Eating Takis Halal or Haram?

As we explained that Takis does not contain pork, alcohol then we say Takis is halal in meaning. But if you find takis that use pork, it is haram to eat.

Are Takis Halal? Yes, Takis is halal to consume, you can eat it under any circumstances and it can even be part of your daily diet. However, still limit consumption of Takis because of its habit of using synthetic flavorings which are not good for your health.

Takis are a popular snack in several countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several other countries in the world. If you like this snack, you should only consume it in limited quantities.


Is Takis Halal in the UK?

Yes, just like in America, in England it is also considered halal because it does not contain ingredients from pork or alcohol. You can check the label, if you find ingredients or codes that indicate pork, then it is haram to eat.

Are purple Takis halal?

Yes, purple Takis can also be consumed because it does not use haram ingredients such as pork. As long as there are no pork ingredients, eating it is halal, whether purple takis or other types.

Are blue heat Takis halal?

Yes, Takis blue heat is also classified as a vegetarian food that is free from animal products, so it is halal to eat. Vegetarian products are the best products because they clearly do not use animal products, meaning this product does not use pork in the manufacturing process.

So, if you ask, “Are Blue Heat Takis not Halal?”, Yes, the answer is HALAL

Are hot Takis halal?

Yes, Hot Takis are also confirmed to be halal as long as they don’t use alcohol. The ingredients used are only natural ingredients that are suitable for the Muslim community.

Are Fuego Takis halal?

What about Fuego Takis, is Fuego Takis halal? Yes, these are halal, they do not contain pork or other unclean animals, and they definitely do not contain alcohol or other intoxicating drinks.

Which Takis are halal?

All types of Takis are halal as long as there is no confirmation of the use of pork or other haram products such as alcohol, palm wine, arak and other intoxicating drinks.

Are red Takis halal?

Yes, red takis is also a halal food to eat because it does not use pork or products that are forbidden in Islam. You can eat it and make it your daily snack.

Do Takis contain GMO ingredients?

No, Takis does not use Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). All the ingredients in Takis are natural, do not contain GMOs and some use artificial flavors.

What ingredients are used in Takis?

The ingredients used in making Takis are: Corn flour, modified food starch, calcium disodium EDTA added, xanthan gum, garlic powder, natural flavors, onion powder, soybean oil, palm oil and vegetable oil.

That’s the ingredient, so it’s said to be a halal product, it doesn’t use animal products at all. However, some Takis use shrimp and chicken, and these are halal animals. Not suitable for vegans and vegetarians, but halal to eat.

Are Takis Crunchy Fajita chips halal or haram?

Yes, Takis Crunchy Fajita Chips are halal food, the ingredients used do not contain pork or pork products, so this food is considered halal food in Islam.

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